Monroe Community Profile

Monroe Township, situated on 42 square miles in the southeast corner of Middlesex County, is a choice community known for its reasonable home values and lower taxes.  The excellent quality of life available in Monroe Township is largely because of the smart-growth planning that has enabled the township to expand its tax base, keep its rural look and feel, while not stressing the services to residents.

How have they accomplished this?  With a well developed plan starting back in the 1970's.  They were the first town in the central New Jersey area to approve large scale senior housing.  This brought in tax revenue without putting a strain of the school system.  Through the years Monroe has continued to be a accommodating place for developers seeking approval to build 55 and over housing, and they have never approved a townhouse or condominium development (as of 2012) that was not age restricted.  This has helped keep enrollment in the public schools at a reasonable pace which in turn helps keep property taxes relatively low.