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Interviewing Multiple Agents? Be Careful What Information You Share

You're ready to list your home.  Although a particular agent was highly recommended to you by a trustworthy friend, you've decided to interview them as well as 2 other agents so you can compare their marketing plans and how much they feel your home is worth.  

This is a good idea, if you have the time, but there are a few things you need to be careful of during this preliminary question and answer process . . . things that can negatively affect your bargaining position later when your home is marketed.

Ways To Find Out What Your Home Is Really Worth

What don't the computer models that determine home values tell you?  Well, lots and lots of things. There are so many reasons that these models are flawed . . . many obvious, many not so obvious.

If you used one of the online services to determine the value of your home, our advice is definitely don't use that information to set your selling price. These models may be wildly inaccurate, and often are.

A computer program can't physically inspect your home. It doesn't know whether unique features of your property might add to or detract from market value. It can't account for a sewage treatment facility next door, or the railroad tracks nearby with trains that blow their whistles all night. It also doesn't know that you recently added high-end finishes in your kitchens and baths and invested money in staging your property with the colors and furnishings that today's buyers are looking for.

Congratulations To Our Top Producers For The 1st Quarter 2018!

We're proud to announce the Top 10 Agents & Top 3 Teams for the 1st quarter of 2018!  Congratulations to the Top 10 Agents (in order of ranking): Laurin LaLima, Susan Kaplan, Brian Lichtenthal, Carrie Moyer, Michael Kalagassy, Frank Fortino, Sari Fein, Ianina Fishman, Sheryl Kerner and Christine Romeo DiSantillo.  The Top 3 Teams (in order of ranking):  Cole Gold Team, Andrea & Harry Mesh Team and Russ Team.

The home buyers and sellers truly have a real estate resource they can trust with the agents in our office.  Our agents really understand that for many people, buying or selling a home is the most significant purchase of a lifetime, and they leverage their real estate knowledge and professionalism to help make each transaction as smooth as possible.