What 5 Home Design Trends are OUT for 2016?

It's that time of year again when all the experts are predicting what's IN and what's OUT FOR 2016.  It's fun to read what prominent interior design professionals think about new trends . . . WHAT'S HOT AND WHAT'S NOT.  If you are a stylish homeowner and like to be on trend with home fashion, you probably have your own preferences and may agree or disagree with the pros.

So, what are designers saying (OR HOPING)  is OUT in 2016?

1.  FACETED FURNITURE . . . tables that feel sharp and and have points.  Designers feel that this trend was overproduced and is clunky and unsophisticated . . . unless it is a real diamond, of course.

2.  SISAL AND JUTE RUGS . . . many designers feel they have been around way too long.  They are not comfortable to walk on, lack durability, stain easily, are pretty-much un-cleanable, and they smell unpleasant.  They are throw-aways . . . so time to throw them away.

3.  COPPER AND ROSE GOLD METALS . . . they think that moderately-priced pieces of copper and rose gold can go garish and look cheap. I've seen some real nice copper pieces that obviously will stand the test of time, but fashion is fashion.  It has to change or we wouldn't spend money on new decor.

4.  THE INDUSTRIAL LOOK . . . some designers think 'industrial chic' is an oxymoron.  Not surprised that design pros are tired of this one.  It seems to be everywhere.  The good thing is that much of it is recycled, and that is important for our planet.

5.  OVERDONE MID-CENTURY MODERN . . . designers still appreciate the genius of mid-century designers, but a piece here and there is all that's needed.  Entire rooms done in cheap mass-market brands of mid-century or Danish modern is not at all chic.

Well, that's what some of the industry's top interior designers think should go away soon.  For the most part, I think I agree.