Ready to Move? 9 Tips for Stress Free Packing

If you're getting ready to move into a new house, the idea of packing might already have you cringing.

But follow these easy tips for a step-by-step, stressless move and have more time to enjoy your new home!

Clear away junk: Moving all your stuff will be a lot easier if you have less of it. Preparing to move is a great time to go through all of your belongings with a stern eye and purge what you don’t need or don’t use anymore. Sell gently used toys and clothes at a consignment shop to get a little extra cash to help with the move or donate these items to a local charity to let others benefit from your clean sweep. Now’s a good time to throw away worn out clothing and any non-working appliances and electronics that you probably won’t get around to fixing anyways.

Start collecting boxes: You can never have enough boxes when you’re moving. Start early and acquire as many as you can- you’ll need more than you think once you realize you have to fit ALL your belongings in small cardboard cartons. Workplaces, grocery stores and liquor stores are all good places to ask for free boxes. Moving companies will also supply boxes for a small fee but why spend the extra money if you don’t have to?

Label those boxes: Label every side of the box so you know its contents before, during and after the move and won’t be left turning and flipping when you’re trying to unload. Color coding your boxes will also prove to be a big help, for example: all boxes labeled in blue contain bathroom items, yellow = kitchen, etc. so you can easily sort boxes into their appropriate rooms quickly after they are unloaded into your new home. You may also want to make a list of the items you put in each box and keep that handy on move-in day so you can quickly find an item before everything is unpacked.

Get lots of tape and use it: Make sure you get several rolls of heavy duty packing tape and cover all box seams securely. You won’t want to skimp on this step and have a box come open and dump all your contents on the ground in the middle of what is probably already a stressful move!

Keep things light: A good tip to remember- pack bigger boxes with your lighter stuff and heavier things in smaller boxes. This way you aren’t trying to drag a huge box full of books while you’ve loaded a small box with light stuffed toys.

Stay focused: Finish packing all items from one room before moving on to another part of the house. While it can be hard to concentrate on just one area at a time, especially when you find an item that should go in another part of the house, by sticking to the room you’re in you’ll avoid leaving stray things laying around and the resulting last-minute stuffing of various items into your purse, coat pockets and plastic grocery bags!

Use all possible spaces: Since you’re moving items that are meant to hold things to begin with, why not use that extra space? Pack light items such as clothes in coolers, laundry baskets and suitcases. You can even use the drawers in tables and dressers to store things like pillows and sheet sets. Instead of buying a lot of bubble wrap to secure your breakables, use clothes and towels to wrap glass and other fragile items.

Wait to pack: Don’t pack your essentials the night before- bathroom necessities, kitchen utensils to make that last meal in your old house. Designate a small box or two for things you’ll need to use right up until you walk out the door, that way you won’t be rummaging to find your blow dryer or spatula and when you’re done, you can put them in a box that’s ready to go.

Keep valuables and important papers with you: If you’re using a moving company or will be away from your belongings for a time, make sure you keep things like birth certificates and jewelry with you, perhaps is a small locking case while you travel.