Keep Up With The Newest Technology For Your Home!

Advances in technology for the home are happening so fast it's hard to keep up with what are the latest and greatest products for our home.

There is no doubt that there is a major focus on living healthier and smarter. Technological advances and changing demographics are shaping a new vision for how we live in our homes. Architects and builders are looking to design homes of the future with more healthy and sustainable materials that are resilient to natural disasters, require less maintenance, and have flexible living spaces that can accommodate multiple generations and communal gatherings.

Homeowners will demand healthier environments with no harmful paints and adhesives, as well as energy and water conservation features. There will be more emphasis on natural light and the adoption of biophilic planning. There will be a focus on utilizing materials that have greater longevity and will last through generations of homeowners.

Edible landscaping will become more prominent in single-family yards as well as on building rooftops. Shared community farming areas will become more prevalent in development projects.

More homes will be designed with multiple generation occupants in mind. Cultural traditions, economic pressures and elderly and child care needs will drive the need for design changes in homes to provide private spaces for elderly parents as well as boomerang children living in the same home.

We have been following CNET's Smart Home over the past year where the organization has been installing and testing new products for the home to see how all these products work together in the same house.  It's an interesting project.  

If you are planning to make any upgrades in your home in the near future, or if you're just generally interested in what cool new stuff is available and how it performs, then this is a great project to follow.

Learn all about CNET's Smart Home: