Freehold's Best Italian Restaurants

Freehold . . . known for it's great schools and family-oriented community spirit . . . also may be known for having some pretty good restaurants.  Here are 4 of our favorite Italian restaurants in the downtown area.

La Cipollina Ristorante

For something special, try La Cipolilina.  Their well-dressed and attentive wait staff will spoil you.  So will the elegant cheeses and fresh vegetables.  Try their homemade mozzarella or their classic French chicken breast . . . both customer favorites.

Federici's Family Italian Restaurant

For a casual lunch or dinner try Federici's, which has been a family-owned Freehold staple for over 85 years.  The restaurant, which could double as a museum, serves delicious pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Solo Trattoria

You will enjoy Solo Trattoria's wide selection of scrumptious food choices, from fresh grilled seafood, tender steaks, veal chops, or stick to the classic Italian dishes that include homemade pastas, pizzas and risottos.

Basile's Italian Restaurant

Basile's offers an extensive and delicious lunch and dinner menu that features classic Italian dishes, seafood entrées and hot off the grill meals.