Best Landscaping Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Property

One of the most important investments you can make is in your home's landscaping. Beautiful landscaping not only adds value to your property, but also makes it stand out to potential buyers by boosting its curb appeal. In fact, good landscaping can raise the value of a house by 28%, and upgrading existing landscaping from good to excellent can reap rewards of 6-7%.

Here are SIX of the most important components to amazing landscaping!

Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting is one of the most-desired outdoor features, and allows for the exhibition of the other landscaping elements around your house. Well-selected landscape lighting creates an ambiance that can be a real show-stopper.  Beyond just making your home more attractive to buyers, outdoor lighting also provides added safety by reducing falls and added security by making your home a more difficult target for burglars.


Besides raising the value of your property, trees also prevent storm water run-off, reduce local CO2, decrease heating costs though shade, and decrease heating cost by acting as a windbreak. All these factors and more can total to an impressive sum. The National Tree Benefit Calculator can show you a rough estimation of the amount of monetary benefit provided by a given tree in your area. For instance, in Marlboro, New Jersey, a Douglas fir tree measuring 25 inches in diameter yields annual benefits of $155! As described in the next section, it is always best to select a native species when considering any landscaping.

Native Plants

While it may seem obvious, homeowners should always keep in mind that planting native foliage on your property will require less upkeep to maintain than will non-native species. A Wisconsin-based ecological consultancy, Applied Ecological Services Inc., found that an acre of non-native grass produced costs of $20,000 over 20 years. On the other hand, an acre of native vegetation cost only $3,000 over the same period These native plants also provide shelter and food for native wildlife, a reward in and of itself.

Retaining Walls and Terracing

Although expensive, retaining walls and terracing can transform a heavily-sloped yard from a nuisance into a beautiful landscaping element. Furthermore, these improvements help control erosion and water run-off, a major concern in some areas.


While backyard fencing doesn't provide curb appeal, it does have indisputable value for your home. Besides the obvious privacy and security benefits, any prospective buyer with pets will see the fence as a major positive. When installing a fence, be aware of the style typical for your area if you want to see maximum added value. 


Walkways allow guests to keep their feet clean and have a pleasant stroll up to the front door when visiting your home. They also provide decoration, breaking up large patches of green lawn by adding color. These factors have immediate benefits to the first impression and curb appeal of your home.

When thinking about adding to or updating your home's landscaping, these six aspects should be at the top of your list. They will provide you with the greatest increases in home value and curb appeal, essential elements to selling your home at a later date or to simply enjoying living there yourself!