Marlboro Community Profile

Marlboro Township is situated on approximately 30 square miles on the eastern border of Monmouth County, NJ.  Morganville and Robertsville are unincorporated areas located within the township and contain a little more than 1/3 of the township's approximately 40,000 residents. 

The township has plenty to offer its residents including beautiful homes, wide open spaces, a variety of entertainment, shopping and recreational opportunities, as well as its proximity to the Jersey Shore and New York City.

Marlboro NJ Housing Market Report May 2018

What's new in the Marlboro NJ real estate market? 

We reviewed the listings, pending and sales statistics as of the end of May 2018 to bring you an up-to-date accounting of the key housing market activities.

Home Prices

  • The Average Listing Price year-to-date is $627,050, compared to $631,541 year-to-date 2017, less than 1% change.
  • The Average Sale Price year-to-date is $520,598, up 6.98% from $486,630 year-to-date 2017.
  • Of the 141 homes sold this year through the end of May, 43.3% sold for over $500,000, 17% between $400-499,999, 17% between $300-399,999, 11.3% between $250-299,999, and 11.4% under $250,000.

Marlboro New Jersey Housing Market Update - March 2018

We have been struggling with low inventories of homes for several years now.  The lack of available homes has affected prices as well as sales and market times, and has been frustrating for buyers competing for their dream home.

In the Single Family Detached category of homes in Marlboro Township new listings have decreased by 11.6% for the first two months of 2018 compared to the same period last year.  Closed sales increased by 3.6%.  It is taking on average 75 days from listing to sale, and the median sales price in Marlboro Township was $400,000.  At the beginning of March there was only a 3.8 months supply of inventory, down by 30.9% at the same time last year.

3 Important Pieces of Advice to Avoid a Last Minute Mortgage Denial

So you found the right home to buy, got the offer accepted, made loan application, and the lender approved your loan subject to the home appraisal and re-verification of your employment and financial status just prior to closing.  Congratulations!  You are well on your way to achieving your goal.

You think it's a done deal, right? Well, it's not 'for sure' until the closing takes place. Be aware that from the time you make loan application to the actual closing, lenders have become very cautious about the entire home mortgage loan process. Even when you have a good down payment and good credit, issues arising at the last minute can result in your loan being denied.

We have THREE important pieces of advice to help ensure you don't encounter last-minute problems right before the closing:

How To Get Maximum Natural Light -- A Great Selling Feature

Lots of natural light is a great selling feature for any home.  It has much to do with the placement of the windows and which direction they face.  It also has much to do with how much light enters your property, how wooded or open, and the placement of large trees and shrubbery.  These are perhaps things you can't do anything about.

In light of that, something that you can do something about, the window coverings you choose, can make a big difference on how much natural light you invite into your home.  When you're selling your home, the rule of thumb is . . . the more natural light the better.

Let's look at some window covering options you might choose that will give you both ample natural light when you want it, and privacy and shade from the sun when needed.

Marlboro Township Among The Safest Places To Live in New Jersey!

The National Council for Home Safety and Security has published "The Safest Cities in New Jersey 2018", and Marlboro Township is rated the 38 safest city in New Jersey!

As of 2017, New Jersey is the third wealthiest state in the nation by median household income, in addition to being one of the safest.  Crime rates here in The Garden State are far below nationwide averages.

With a population of 40,764, Marlboro Township had only 10 violent crimes and 243 property crimes in 2017. This translates into 0.25 violent crimes and 5.76 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

Visit the Marlboro Township Police Department's Facebook page and thank them for keeping us safe!

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Local Drop Off Center For Those Devastated By Hurricane Harvey

Century 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie Is #TexasStrong after receiving this from Sarah Lewis at Century 21 Paramount in League City Texas:  "We certainly appreciate it, Julie! We have no idea what we're going to do. We have several agents without homes and any pending transactions they had are now gone. This is devastating!"

In 2012 many of our community members were affected by Superstorm Sandy. Hurricane Harvey has brought back all those memories from 5 years ago. Our hearts know the pain of going through something as devastating as this disaster.

We decided to take a proactive measure and create a Drop Off Center at our Century 21 office in Marlboro. We are asking for either monetary donations (checks can be made out to Century 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie which in turn will be combined and sent directly to the offices in need), or gift cards from American Express/ VISA, Walmart, Shoprite, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Home Depot /Lowes, Babies R Us, Petco, CVS/ Walgreens, and Target.

We will be collecting gift cards and donations starting Friday, September 1, 2017. Our Office Address is 47 Route 9 South, Morganville NJ 07751.

If you have any questions please call our office at 732-536-2228 and ask for either Julie or Mary Lou.

Congratulations to our TOP PRODUCERS for July!

We're pleased to announce the top producing individuals and teams for the month of July. They are not only inspiring, but a true pleasure to work with every day!

Top Listing is Frank Fortino and Top Listing Team is the Cole Gold Team.  Top Selling Agent is Laurin LaLima and the Top Selling Team is the Russ Team

Honoring Our Top 10 Producers for 2nd Quarter 2017!

Here are our Top 10 for the 2nd Quarter!  We're honored and humbled to be on the same team. Each and every one of these associates provide exceptional service to all their clients. By focusing on their clients' needs, they achieve continued and consistent success!  Congratulations to all!

Marlboro Township: More Single Family Detached Homes For Sale in 2017

We have been struggling with low inventories of homes for a long time now.  The lack of available homes has affected prices as well as sales and market times, and has been frustrating for buyers competing for their dream home.

We have a bit of good news in the Single Family Detached category of homes in Marlboro Township . . . new listings have increased by 23.3% for the first four months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.  As a result, closed sales have also increased by 52.7%.  It is taking on average 73 days from listing to sale, down by 10 days from last year, and the median sales price in Marlboro Township (including Morganville) was $508,000.  At the end of April there was 6.1 months supply of inventory, which is considered a 'normal' level of inventory for a healthy real estate market.

Best Landscaping Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Property

One of the most important investments you can make is in your home's landscaping. Beautiful landscaping not only adds value to your property, but also makes it stand out to potential buyers by boosting its curb appeal. In fact, good landscaping can raise the value of a house by 28%, and upgrading existing landscaping from good to excellent can reap rewards of 6-7%.

Here are SIX of the most important components to amazing landscaping!