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Happy New Year From Our Families To Yours!

For many of us, the new year signifies new beginnings . . . the first day of the rest of your life!  Hoping this new year brings you all good things, and you are blessed with happiness, good health, and the love of family and friends.

Is An Adjustable Rate Mortage The Right Loan For You?

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), mostly because they have been thought of as the 'villain' of the housing crash. Although there were lots of ARMs written leading up to the crash, qualifying for an ARM back then, and how they were structured,is a far cry from how ARMs are written today.

In light of rising mortgage rates, more buyers may be looking at the advantages of an ARM and how they can save money.

There are many situations where an Adjustable Rate Mortgage can be the best choice for a home buyer.  Let's take a look at some of those situations:

Fun Things To Do With Your Family/Guests At Holiday Time

The best thing about the holidays is the time spent with family and friends.  That's what it's all about!  

Here are some fun ideas of things that everyone can do together . . . young and old . . . to get the most out of the precious time spent together.  Perhaps you'll start a new tradition!

Make an EASY gingerbread house out of graham crackers, cereal, gum drops, icing and assorted candies.  The kids will love doing this. Here is a link to the how-to:  http://kellymoorebag.com/blog/2011/12/12-diy-days-of-christmas-day-3/

See lots more great ideas for family fun and games here: http://tipjunkie.com/activities-for-kids/games/christmas-day/

Winter Woes: Is The Air In Your Home Healthy?

Did you know that your house needs to 'breathe' in order to have healthy air?  There are gases, toxins and moisture that need to be expelled from the inside, and fresh air needs to enter from the outside.

In an attempt to conserve energy and reduce heating costs, homeowners can make their homes too air tight.

When a fuel-burning appliance in your home doesn't get enough fresh air and fails to completely burn its fuel, carbon monoxide is produced. If ventilation is damaged or blocked or if you have a powerful kitchen fan, bathroom fan or open hearth fireplace, then carbon monoxide can be drawn back inside the house.

What are the signs that your home is too air tight?

Happy Halloween!