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Happy Thanksgiving . . . Eat Slow :-)

Housing Outlook from the President of NAR

The National Association of REALTORS® annual convention was held earlier this month in Southern California.  This slide show was from the keynote speech by the President of the National Association.  His talk centered around how the housing industry fared in the past and what the economists are predicting for 2016.  Yes, there are challenges ahead for housing, like student loan debt, inventory shortages, and the high cost of rents . . . but the overall outlook is good.  Bottom line is that the large majority of Americans want to own their own home and believe real estate is a good long-term investment that will build wealth for them and their family.

Use the scroll bar inside the slideshow to view the slides to see what the national real estate gurus have to say.

2015 Economic and Housing Outlook

The Samaritan Center Food Bank Needs Your Help

We are pleased that we were able to raise funds and food for the Samaritan Center Food Bank in Tennent, NJ, to assist those less fortunate, and we encourage other local businesses to do what they can during this Thanksgiving season.

It's a pleasure to donate our time and resources to our local Food Bank.  Fundraising events such as this provides all of us with the opportunity to give back to the local community while raising hunger awareness.  It's a great feeling to know that our contributions go directly toward helping people in our community.

The Income Statistics in New Jersey show that one of every four New Jersey workers earns wages below the Real Cost of Living and needs our help.  Read more about the cost of living in New Jersey below:

Interested in Participating in Marlboro's Youth Exchange Program?

Marlboro Township is accepting applications for host families as well as committee members and volunteers for its Youth Exchange Program.

Marlboro Township host families who participate in the cultural exchange will host students from Nanto City, Japan, and Wuijang, China, for one week.  The host family's student then will travel to the country of the students that they hosted for one week.

This is a great program that has provided rare multicultural and educational experiences for hundreds of students and their families over the nearly 25 years of its existence.  

There is an information session being held on November 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Marlboro Recreation Center.  Click here for a link to learn more.

Honoring Our Veterans . . . Today and Every Day!