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Happy New Year!

Today's Hottest (& Not So Hot) Home Features

Home trends come and go and are ever-changing, but some home features are classic and are always a good idea.

Among the most sought-after home features today are gas fireplaces, wood flooring, granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances, open floor plan, walk-in closets, open kitchen, and garden tubs.

What are the once-popular features that are quickly becoming unpopular? . . . vinyl siding, oak cabinets, cherry cabinets.

Read more about it:  The 20 Hottest Home Features Right Now -  According to®, these are the most popular home design buzzwords on listings. [NAR Daily News Magazine]

Congratulations to Our November Top Sellers!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our top producing individuals and teams for the month of November!

Frank Fortino Cole Gold Team Lorraine Broccoli Gloria Bernstein Team
Top Listing Agent Top Listing Team Top Selling Agent Top Selling Team

The competitive intelligence, professionalism and dedication of these REALTORS® have made them valued and trusted real estate resources for our community and major contributors to the overall success of our office and the Century 21 System as a whole.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Space Look & Feel Larger

Looking for ways to make your space look and feel larger?  Here are five easy changes you can make.

1.  Hang curtains higher and wider than your windows.  The eye will be drawn up and over and the windows and the room itself will look larger.

2.  Strategically place a large mirror in the room.  Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more space.  They are also good for checking your look before heading out the door.

3.  Keep some windows bare instead of using window coverings.  Who doesn't like a nice bright sunlit space?  If your windows are beautiful, show them off!

Do You Love Older Homes? Here Are Some Things To Look For

Are you an old home person?  We love older homes too!  They are often built with high-quality, custom materials and have loads of character . . . one of a kind.  We have many older homes in our area, appreciate them, and are happy to sell them every day. 

If you're planning to purchase an older home, there are some things you should pay attention to.  For starters, you should always attend the home inspection so you can see what the inspector sees, ask questions, and get maintenance tips along the way.  To learn what the experts have to say, read this article by Jay Gregg.

Ask the Expert: What Should I Pay Attention to when Buying an Older Home? - Today’s “Ask the Expert” column features Jay Gregg, the Director of Marketing with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.