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Want to Add Value To Your Property? Plant Some Trees!

It's Spring and everyone is busy cleaning up their landscaping and thinking about what new projects to start.   Here's a good tip to improve the value and desirability of your property . . . plant some trees!

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Home Buyer and Seller Surveys, 18% of repeat buyers and 25% of buyers purchasing a new home said that being on a wooded lot or on a lot with many trees was very important to them.  And, 84 percent of real estate agents surveyed believe that a house on a wooded lot will fetch at least 20 percent more than a home on a lot without trees.

Trees do more than add desirability.  Did you know that at according to the U.S. Department of Energy at least 3 trees strategically placed on a lot can save an average household between $100 and $250 in annual energy bills? 

Read more about it:  Don't Overlook the Trees, Buyers Aren'tThe number of trees on a lot can be a powerful influencer for home buyers.  [NAR Daily News Magazine]

Kudos To Our Top Producers for March 2016!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our Top Listing and Selling Agents and Teams for March 2016!  

Top Listing Agent Laurin LaLima.  Top Sales Agent Frank Fortino.  Top Listing Team Andrea & Harry Mesh Team, Top Sales Team Gloria Bernstein Team.


Did You Know Most Break-Ins Occur Through An Unlocked Door?

In the Spring and Summer months we tend to be outside a lot, perhaps in the back yard gardening, or conversing with the neighbors through the fence.  

Often we don't think about locking the front door and first-floor windows when we are on our own property or just over the neighbors . . . but we should.  According to Steve Kolobaric at Weiser, a lockset company, most break-ins occur through an unlocked door.  If you are washing your windows, or just letting in fresh air, don't forget to lock them when you are done.

Read about some good common sense (and easy) home security tips: Springtime Home Security Tips - With spring finally here people from across North America will be cleaning, traveling and getting out of the house to enjoy the warmer weather. According to Steve Kolobaric at Weiser, one of Canada’s most trusted lockset manufacturers, there are several security tips that everyone should be aware of this season as they take in the […] [RisMedia Consumer News]

Closing Costs - What Are All Those Fees?

Buyers have lots of questions about buying a home and obtaining a mortgage.  Here we'll list the most common buyer closing costs, what they are for, and the average amount charged for these services in New Jersey.

Within three days of applying for the loan, your lender should give you closing disclosures so you will know what your APR (annual percentage rate) will be. The closing disclosures show you the closing costs that are included in the amount that makes up the APR. You should carefully assess each item for validity, and ask questions about items you do not understand.

We've also included the 'average' fees (according to BankRate) that are charged by lenders to buyers purchasing a $200,000 home in New Jersey:

Masters Ruby Award Received By Six Top Producing Sales Associates!

Fran Krumholz-Bookman, Susan Kaplan, Alan Katz, Sheryl Kerner, Brian LichtenthalMarcia Sokal have each been recognized by Century 21 Real Estate LLC as  top-producers nationwide when it honored them with the coveted CENTURY 21® Ruby Masters Award.

Ruby level status is awarded to Century 21® sales affiliates who have met minimum sales production of $117,000 or 32 closed transaction sides within a calendar year.

The sales affiliates also receive a trophy and a personal invitation to attend the annual CENTURY 21 Top Agent Retreat.

Fran, Susan, Alan, Sheryl,  Brian &  Marcia are valued and trusted real estate resources for the Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex county communities and major contributors to the overall success of CENTURY 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie and the CENTURY 21 System as a whole.