The Samaritan Center Food Bank Needs Your Help

We are pleased that we were able to raise funds and food for the Samaritan Center Food Bank in Tennent, NJ, to assist those less fortunate, and we encourage other local businesses to do what they can during this Thanksgiving season.

It's a pleasure to donate our time and resources to our local Food Bank.  Fundraising events such as this provides all of us with the opportunity to give back to the local community while raising hunger awareness.  It's a great feeling to know that our contributions go directly toward helping people in our community.

The Income Statistics in New Jersey show that one of every four New Jersey workers earns wages below the Real Cost of Living and needs our help.  Read more about the cost of living in New Jersey below:

• The very high cost of living makes it difficult for low-income families to make ends meet. While the Federal poverty level for a family of four has become $23,850 in 2014, a recent study showed that such a family needs between $64,000 and $77,000 annually to meet its most basic needs in New Jersey

• This income range is the Real Cost of Living in New Jersey (RCL); the income required to ensure a family covers expenses for food, housing, child care, health care and other basic needs, without any luxuries, vacations or take-outs.

• One of every four New Jersey workers earn wages below the Real Cost of Living in New Jersey.

(Statistics provided by the Monmouth County Food Bank)