Invite The Maximum Natural Light Into Your Home

Lots of natural light is a great selling feature for any home.  It has much to do with the placement of the windows and which direction they face.  It also has much to do with how much light enters your property, how wooded or open, and the placement of large trees and shrubbery.  These are perhaps things you can't do anything about.

In light of that, the window coverings you choose can make a big difference on how much natural light you invite into your home.  When you're selling your home, the rule of thumb is . . . the more natural light the better.

Let's look at some window covering options you might choose that will give you both ample natural light when you want it, and privacy and shade from the sun when needed.

1.  As in the photo accompanying this post, some windows are just cool and should be left bare with no window covering (depending on location and privacy issues, of course).  It would be a shame to cover that great casement window.

2.  Wood shutters can be a good choice.  They are durable, last a long time, and can be closed for privacy when needed.  The slats can be opened to let in some light, or the shutters themselves can be opened all the way to provide the maximum amount of light.

3.  Another good choice is ring-tab curtains . . . possibly a foot or so above the window that flow to the floor.  The fabric should be substantial but light enough so that you can open them and let the maximum amount of light in.

Some of the other choices, like valances and swags, may be heavy and actually block the light.  Not only that, but they may not provide privacy when needed.

So when showing your house, open those window treatments to allow the maximum amount of natural light into your home.  Of course . . . it goes without saying that your windows should be sparkling clean!